I am Daniel Dart

Daniel Dart  photographed in Los Angeles by Kyle Topping (2016)

Daniel Dart photographed in Los Angeles by Kyle Topping (2016)


Shot Thru the Dart is a place dedicated to my personal musings, ramblings, projects, and dreams, all of which are collected here for you to explore and discover.   From time to time, I will touch on some of my collaborative projects and other business endeavors, but for the most part this is a space devoted to my thoughts and ideas…with no particular direction or destination. This a place to explore; to search for meaning in a world that often times appears to have none. 

I am a dreamer.  I am an optimist. 

I like to believe - even on days I feel totally negative - that the overall course of things is good and just.  I believe we all carry inside of us an undeniable ability to be exceptional and great.  Some may say this is an unrealistic belief, an unrealistic way to live. I say it is the only way to live.  In a world constantly turning against itself, we have to believe in something better. We have to believe in something greater.  As long as we do this, we’ve already won.

To give you a little background.

I should probably start by saying the dream I’m living today started back when I was a homeless 19 year old, sleeping on bus benches and eating at soup kitchens.

Even during those dark days, I would dream of what was, and even more importantly, what was possible.  Somehow, from those lonely nights in the cold, I manifested those dreams and have been blessed to find myself on the greatest journey a kid could ask for.                      

Whether singing my songs to crowds all over the world, to producing amazing musicians and artists, or my long years spent inside a penitentiary... I’ve seen it all.  From phone calls with The White House and heads of national labor unions or barbeques at a trap house while being so high I couldn’t remember the day of the week.  My life has been lived alongside everyone from prostitutes to presidents, and all the magical wonder in between.  Through everything, I have stumbled and fallen more times than I care to admit.  I have done things I am not proud of, but by the grace of something more powerful than myself, I have also bounced back more times than most would even believe.  

At the end of the day, I’ve accomplished things I can be proud of; things that really are changing the world for the better.

I will leave you here to explore my thoughts and opinions and reach whichever conclusions you do.  My only hope is it spurs you to think.  We do not need to agree.  Just promise to consider, ponder, and question.  If you do that, I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks for stopping by.

Daniel Dart