Keep on Rich Rollin #14

“I gave myself a start, by giving myself a start.” – Madam C.J. Walker (first black millionaire and cosmetics magnate)

So I guess I should start by saying “Happy New Years”, even though I’m writing this a few days after the fact and by the time you read this, it may be weeks since we all entered into this year of 2013. So with all of that aside… Happy New Years.

This New Years is the second year in a row I’ve been incarcerated and 2012 marks the first complete calendar year I spent as the property of the people of California. It is kind of stranger to think about it; I am truly under the ownership of the state. We literally, for all intents and purposes belong to the state. It is just something to think about. 

So setting that aside to ponder, let me proceed to fill ya in on my jail-house New Year’s resolutions. It is a time for reflection as well as forethought, where we all like to take an honest look at ourselves and make an evaluation on how we can improve ourselves or change something about our day-to-day living that may help someone else? Is it not the time when we ask ourselves “how can I make a better, happier, healthier, wiser person of myself?”

So that is what I am trying to do this year. 

I have thought, that although I will be spending these next 12 months in prison, how can I finish this year a more complete person or an improved person? I have the obvious ones, such as eat healthy, exercise and such. I have the spiritual ones of trying to be a positive and empathetic force that will aim to help bring peace and smiles to those around me. And to make a continuingeffort to always look at the upside of every situation and do my best to inspire those around me, but what about something a little more concrete? What about something a little more tangible? This brings me to my main resolution.

First a little background information to lead up to how I came about with my main goal for 2013. 

At the beginning of the NFL season this year a dozen of us drafted fantasy football teams and battled it out every week pouring over stats and injury reports to try and learn anything that may give us an edge on an upcoming week to trade or release players. To help us decide which players to start against which team and what defenses stop the run, what players do well in December, etc. We broke it all down. Just think, we have about as much freetime as is humanly possible. We read any and all information we can get, and working together we can gather damn near everything. We can answer pretty much any statistical question about any player, coach, team, offense, defense, you name it, one of us 12 have the answer, and now as the season is coming to a wrap, pretty much all of us can be said to have an incredible amount of knowledge of all things NFL. It is a beautiful thing, and it is what leads me to my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.

I came up with the idea around Christmas and the more I tossed it around the more I got excited about it. So I finally brought it up with a friend ofmine. I said hey, we are almost done with this Fantasy Football league and I got an idea, so I can it down to him and he quickly jumped at the concept. So we took it to some of the other fellas, they were also on board. So we are going to start a new fantasy league. A stock market fantasy league. Where each player gets a set budget of 10k and we compare growth gains and losses each week. We have been deciding the rules and so far we have some loose ideas, such as you must own at least one technology firm, one bank, one retail and one energy. How many shares of each is up to you. We are going over ideas as to how much you are forced to trade, because we want to make things a little difficult seeing as how this is a tournament in the end. We are only allowing people to buy starting at a minimum value and no “penny” stocks. And as in football we’ll have a commissioner, just as the U.S. government have the SEC (Security & Exchange Commission) that will have the power to veto any trades and as full oversight. We still have some kinks to iron out but I am sure you get the gist. 

If we have no opportunity to make ourselves better, we must create our own.

So now that I have told you my resolution for this year, what may I ask is yours? 

I watched on the television some of the festivities in New York and the mass of people partying and felt so detached. It was like looking at an alien planet, it seemed unreal. I felt a million miles away. Life has changed so drastically making me question myself, and who I will be when I leave. Will I be so different? Will I be withdrawn? Will it matter? Will I want to be in a crowd like that in Times Square? A few short years ago I would have loved it. Now just the thought of all those people gives ma anxiety. Life is amazing.

It is not only the destination we seek but the journey we take to get there that makes everyday special. 

To all the resolution makers and breakers… just remember in 2013 KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN!

Happy New Year – DART 

Song for this Diary: Swagga Like Us

Artist: T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil Wayne