Keep on Rich Rollin #17

“Lord make me pure, but not yet” – St. Augustine

I find myself in a moral dilemma. 

I feel like we are all a bit lost.

Today I spent the day with my friends, walking laps and telling jokes underneath a guntower, behind miles of barbwire. My friends ands I are “lawbreakers, criminals, throw-aways” and the such, but none the less many of us are not “bad people”. 

Today I read the Wall Street Journal. I read about a great nation, the United States Of America, piling up a massive national debt and how our counterparts, the European Union are going broke having to bailout a handful of other members. So is it any surprise that the rest of us can’t avoid going into debt? Is something fundamentally wrong with our society? Is it not only that we are following the example that is being set?

I read about a Michigan State Supreme Court Justice being charged with corruption and resigning after pleading guilty to fraud. Yet they face no jail time, which I find odd. Should someone in such a position not be held to a higher standard? I feel like they should do double or triple… they are the ones that set the reality of justice, yet they have complete disregard… odd. 

I find myself in a moral dilemma.

I feel like we are all a bit lost. 

I see an Archbishop of the Catholic Church stripped of his position after covering up hundreds (HUNDREDS!!!) of instances of sexual misconduct on kids over 20 years, yet he is the man that “god” has deemed the guide for our eternal soul. This is the same person that says gay marriage is an abomination (wow).

These are the moral dilemmas I think about everyday as I have lunch with my fellow “criminals”. 

Why do we live in a society that condemns gang violence, yet does not condemn the circumstances and poverty that breed it?

Why if a District Attorney coaches a witness or falsifies evidence is it not punishable with prison time? Why is it only a mistrial at best? Why don’t they make the Attorneys do the time they are seeking for the defendant? Why is it that there is no self defense law in California, so if you kill someone in self-defense you still face Manslaughter charges by law, yet members of local police forces regularly shoot people and claim “self-defense”? How can a police officer claim self defense but a private citizen cannot? 

I find myself in a moral dilemma.

I am not sorry for the circumstances that brought me here. What I am sorry for is that I am part of a society that allows such things to transpire.

I feel like we are all a bit lost.

And if not lost, then at least a bit confused. 

At least I know I am.

This is just a little something to think about… and always remember, sometimes we just gotta keep ON RICH ROLLIN! 

-         D. DART

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