Keep on Rich Rollin #21

“Sometimes saying nothing, is saying a whole lot” – Unknown

Today I received my endorsement papers to be sent to a prison outside of California to finish my time. Since the possibility was brought up a few weeks ago, I had kept a bit of hope that I might somehow avoid being shipped halfway across the country. Apparently that is not in the cards. 

So here I go for just another chapter in an already amazing, wild, mesmerizing life. Always eventful, but not always easy. One hell of a ride though. And now I’m to add to the tale… one more day, one more line, one more chapter but not even halfway through the story. Although at times it may be difficult, my life is not a tragedy, it is a love story, cuz I love life. The good, the bad AND the ugly, I love it all, cuz you need two halves to make a whole.

Can someone who has never known sorrow truly appreciate joy? 

Can someone that has never tasted defeat truly rejoice in victory?

Like any good story, the most important part is how it ends. The journey is how we get there, but the end is what matters most. In a baseball game or football match, it is only the final score that matters. So I can’t really stress. Am I anxious about going to a new prison? Hell yes. I am human and in being so, sometimes change can be a really scary thing. But that by no means translates that it must also be a bad thing. For all I know it could be much nicer than my current prison. It could be fantastic. The point is that I won’t know, and until I do I’m going to keep a positive outlook and just going to believe that it is all going to work out exactly the way it is supposed to. It can always be worse, so focus on the positive and focus on the people in your life that got your back.

Don’t worry about the people that knocked you down, they ain’t worth your time. Just worry about the people that helped pick you up. Those are the ones that matter. Those are the ones we gotta hold onto.

In other news, one of my close friends may be going home soon. He was convicted of a third strike on a misdemeanor 17 years ago, and due to a change of law that the voters passed last year he may be eligible to go home. So as I plan to go out of state he plans to go home. It is a beautiful thing. One more thing to be grateful for. As a matter of fact, the quote I began the blog with was bestowed to me by the fellow and I gotta say I am a better man having met him. I wish all the best and hope that the tough times will soon be nothing but a memory.

Another thing I wanna say is this: It is okay to be afraid. We are all afraid sometimes. It is okay.

Till next time, KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN’

                        Your friend – DART

Song for this diary:

Artist; The Killers

Title: Be Still