Keep on Rich Rollin #4

“Ever notice how sometimes you come across somebody you shouldn’t have fucked with? Well, I’m that guy.” – Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino – 2008)

A kid walks up to a dog and kicks it… over and over. Now the dog is trying to get out of the way but this little kid just follows the dog and keeps fucking with it, taunting it and kicking it. He keeps it up and with every moment the dogs feels more and more trapped until finally after being kicked and abused relentlessly he bares his teeth and takes a bite out of the little bastard… now answer me this… who is the “victim”?

People wanna play with fire… then they wanna cry and throw a fit when they get burnt. They wanna act like they somebody and they all big and bad, then they wanna call the cops… straight snitchin.

Hypocrisy rules the world.

The dog gets put down and the powers that be call it a monster and talk about how dogs are beasts, that they’re a danger… such a shame. They fawn and dote on the bitten kid and tell him how the dog was to blame… it was the owner… the dog was blood thirsty… the dog… the dog… the dog…

Why is America in a depression? Because we are greedy, shady, selfish bastards. It ain’t the dogs fault. You wanna know whose fault it is? Look around… look in the mirror. It is your fault… it is my fault… it is our fault. We been blaming the dog too long… now we got these same bastard kids running the country… and they too busy blaming each other… we too busy blaming them… it ain’t the dogs fault.

We can’t keep blaming the dogs.

Call the judge… tell em I’m a monster… scream out “he a gang member, I’m so afraid!”… then blame the dog… “I feared for my life… they is killers I tell ya!”… then blame the dog… “he a drug dealer… he a gun runner!”… then blame the dog… “He got malice in his heart… lock him up and throw away the key!” and… blame the dog. Blame the dog… blame the dog. The kid ain’t to blame, just blame the dog… it has got to be the dog.

Well blaming the dog is all fine and dandy… but in the long run all you doing is letting things get more and more fucked… what about the instigator? What was the catalyst?

It takes two to tango… there are two sides to every story… except in America… we just blame the dog.

Blame the dog.

What’s the worst part? The worst part is that most of us are the dogs. We’re the scapegoats. And you know who you are. We all know who the dogs are. We are the dogs. We know who the bastard children are too. The “too cool for school” snitches and the draft dodgers and the responsibility runners. Just like we know who the real motherfuckers is and who the sucka’s is. The “victims” who always point the fingers… the “dog catchers.”

Blame the dog.

Well what happems when all the dogs are gone? Then they’re all caged and put down? What then?

Am I bitter? Yes. Why? Because I’m American… I was raised to blame the dog. Am raised to be cynical, I’m raised to blame.

How often do you hear people talk about suing? Everyday people talk about how they would sue this guy or sue that guy, don’t touch me, I’ll sue! How they would be millionaires if only they could fine someone to sue… someone to blame. All you gotta do is… find a reason to sue. You just gotta find a dog to blame. Just find a dog.

Step 1. Find a dog.

Step 2. Blame it.

Sounds like a plan.

So In conclusion:

To all the “little kids” out there… read the sign… beware of the dog.

To all the dogs out there… bark loud, bark proud… and until next time KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN!

 -         DART

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