Keep on Rich Rollin #7

“Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment.” – Jason Statham (Actor)

Some days are really long and really hard. It feels like the clock stops and time goes by in slow motion. Today is one of those days… this whole last week as well. The prison is currently on lock-down, which means that there is no movement what-so-ever and no interaction between inmates from different buildings, tiers, yards or blocks. The reason for this specific lock-down is that they are trying to re-integrate two different prison gangs that are currently at war. Which means that everyone is just waiting for it to kick off. Counting down the minutes. Getting ready… cuz it is gonna crack.

I’ve personally got nothing to do with it, nor do other 70% of the prison population but still we can all feel the tension and the anxious anticipation. Sad. It is really sad. They’ve not been mixed at this prison for 2-3 years due to a previous rito that left dozens of people stabbed and just generally fucked up. Then aout 2 months ago they brought them back together and that attempt left a dozen more in the hospital, some with permanent brain damage.

It is sad. It is really sad.

Families at home waiting for their songs, fathers, uncles, brothers, boyfriends and husbands to come home. Not knowing they’re faced with a war within their borders. The guards, captains, wardens and politicials all playing games with lives… no concern for the human beings involved and hurt. The daughters who just want their daddy to come home. Parents wondering why their son hasn’t called and they have no wayt to contact him. A woman all alone missing a man that she may never hold again.

Business is business. Right?


It is sad. It is really sad.

When is forgiveness granted?

When is your debt paid?

Why are the ones enforcing the law not held equally accountable?

Someone might die… we all know it and most morbidly think that is most likely what it will take to get the “powers that be” to open their eyes.

If a man dies… is not the warden an accomplice to murder?

Are the politicians not an accessory to the fact?

I’m not a genius, but I imagine that escalation is inevitable… and both gangs have been separated for good reason. So if the facts are right in front of you… why are you not equally responsible?

It is sad. It is really sad.

I don’t know who is right or wrong… but I know what is right, and what is wrong.

It is wrong. This is wrong.

Who cares right? Let the convicts kill themselves right?

I care. I care. I hope you care.

Why do I care? Maybe if we all cared then tomorrow would be better than today.

If you don’t care about anyone else, how can you expect anyone else to care about you?

Today has been a long day.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

To all of my friends as well as my enemies… lets hope everyday gets better… for all of us.

Until next time folks… KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN.
With love and respect to all – D.A.R.T.

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