Keep on Rich Rollin #9

“The best form of saying is doing.” – Jose Marti (Cuban National Hero)

Still on lock down; trying to keep my mind occupied in order to restrain myself from losing my sanity… no end in sight to a resolution of getting back regular program and regaining even a small sense of freedom.

I’ve been reading “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Latin American Diaries” by iconic Cuban revolutionary figure Ernesto “Che” Guevara. I find myself becoming consumed by his writings and the inherent romanticism of his journey as well as his intriguing search for understanding of society and the laws it enforces. It is almost magical reading the diaries of a twenty-something student learning about social injustice while riding across a continent in search of good times. One has to wonder if he ever thought of knew that he would one day become a pop-culture icon around the world. The fact that he is just a lost young man with no obvious special talents or skills and yet he still has captured the imagination of all generations of people, from all around the world; coming from all walks of life is even more inspiring, and having done such as just one man, following his heart and his passion he gives hope to others that one person CAN make a difference.

I find his journey and his story even more relevant considering the stat of things here within my own country and the upcoming election we are racing towards in November. Who do you support? Why? Or are you totally disenfranchised and don’t care either way, feeling as though your voice matters not in the least. If the latter is your feeling… I beg you to reconsider… get involved somehow to help social change, in whichever degree you deem correct.

Although I firmly and strongly believe that society and it’s direction is on the wrong path and lots of changes need to be made, I still believe in the people, you and I and the fact that as long as we don’t give up, we can make those changes and get closer to our “utopian” society.

I’ve found that I am incapable of giving up hope or conceding defeat. I am a life long optimist, just as I believe “Che” Guevara to have been and I am proud to say such. I admit that it is not always the easiest path, as almost daily I find myself battling with depression and despair due to my present circumstances, regardless of how they came to pass. I try to remember to laugh and smile… because as The Clash frontman Joe Strummer once said, “the future if still unwritten.”

Until next time – KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN.

Your friend – D.A.R.T.

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P.S. – I’d like to thank those of you who have written to me. It means the world to me and brings a little light to a place that at times can be overwhelmingly dark. I am grateful… thank you.