This Is My Home / CASA in Action

I sat down with my dear friend - and Grammy Award winning musician - Salvador Santana as part of our national campaign to raise awareness to why we need to support our immigrant communities. Here is a portion of that interview; where I explain why it is more important now than ever before, where we are as a country, and where I want us to go.

Daniel Dart & Salvador Santana / This Is My Home interview series.

Movimiento Cosecha

To amplify Cosecha in their #ADayWithoutImmigrants campaign I created and appeared in a series of PSA videos to help achieve permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all people. 

Daniel Dart / Cosecha #ADayWithoutImmigrants PSA series


California Proposition 57 (2016)

A PSA I wrote and directed endorsing Prop 57 for Governor Jerry Brown's ballot measure committee and the California Democratic Party.


Time Again (Hollywood, CA) was formed in the summer of 2004. We began printing stickers and flyers before we even had a full band or a single song written, coming together as a full band only a few days before our first show. In June 2005, we released our first record, a self-titled EP, which would result in heavy radio play on several Los Angeles radio stations, as well as Sirius/XM radio which would name the EP as one of the top 25 albums of 2005, and the song "I Go Back" as one of the top 10 songs of 2005. It was this success that would land us a major record deal and spawn numerous world tours. Although I haven't release any new music since my blues-rock side project, Swapmeet Shakedown, in 2010, I definitely see more new music from Time Again on the horizon. -Daniel

Outcast - (Darker Days 2008)

The Stories are True ft. Tim Armstrong - (The Stories Are True 2006)